“Without Philip and EOS, we would be dead in the water. Philip helped us stay LASER focused on productivity and gave us the tools to navigate COVID-19. Scorecards are helping big time!”

– James Strattman, Sunset Industrial

“Philip is super creative, very smart, and really helps us smoke out issues. What can he do better? That is to be determined. We’ll let you know when we find a flaw.”

-Joseph N.

“Philip is passionate, loves his job, full of energy, and is able to handle a leadership team that is eccentric, energetic, and rowdy. Most importantly, he knows how to keep us all in check.”

– Art Naturals

“We have very open lines of communication and we love that he is always on demand, organized, and very easy to understand in writing
and in person. Philip’s communication is on point!”

– Joseph N.